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  • The ones that worth your time.

    The ones worth your time give you theirs. – Anonymous

  • apna time aayega.

    apna time aayega.

  • Breeze.

    Those who remember the song of wild air spend eternity dancing in its breezes. 🍃 – Erin Hanson

  • Web addiction

    Mom says I spend too much time on the web – Spider🕷️

  • Stand apart.

    “Be strong enough to stand alone, be yourself enough to stand apart.” – Anonymous.

  • Unlove.

    He patiently waited to be lovestruck by another passerby, yet again; so he could unlove her for the millionth time!! – Dr. Sudarshan swaminathan.

  • Solivagant.

    People go, memories stay.

  • Therapy

    Phototherapy is the most common treatment for reducing high bilirubin levels that cause jaundice in a newborn.

    Read more about it here🌐

  • Tiny

    Ten Little fingers, ten perfect toes, fill our heart with love that overflows

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