Life is a reflection of intent. – Anonymous.

Chennai central railway station

“Everything in Chennai is top volume, be it heat, humidity or crowds ability to whistle. It’s not a place for faint hearted.” – Yuvraj Singh.

Fix you.

“When a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” – Alexander den Heijer

Wisdom from the river.

Slow down & meander

Float your worries away 

Reel in every opportunity

Go around obstacles

Enjoy life’s journey

Make positive ripples

Ride the rapids!

Plant love

With life as short as half taken breath, don’t plant anything but love. – Rumi.

Possession & Appreciation

“If you love a flower, don’t pick it up, it dies & it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be. Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation. ” – Osho

Dear future generations : Sorry

“To betray nature is to betray us, to save nature, is to save us.

Because whatever you’re fighting for: Racism, Poverty, Feminism, Gay Rights, or any type of Equality.

It won’t matter in the least, because if we don’t all work together to save the environment, we will be equally extinct.”

– Prince Ea,


Kittens are angels with whiskers.

Mamallan’s Mamallapuram

The Shore Temple  is located in Mamallapuram  (Mahabalipuram) a town on the shore of Bay of Bengal🌊 in Tamil Nadu.

The shore temple

The shore Temple & other monuments in Mamallapuram are built by Pallava dynasty king πŸ‘‘ Narasimhavarman II. The town is named after the title of Narasimhavarman II, “Mamallan” which translates to great wrestler πŸ’ͺ (Ma-great, mallan-wrestler)

The temple is buit during 8th century AD. with blocks of granite. It’s one of the earliest stone Temple to be constructed in South india.

These rock cut monuments by pallava dynasty served as models upon which the massive Brihadeeswarar Temple at Thanjavur and Gangaikonda Cholapuram and various other architectural works of Chola empire were constructed.
Mamallapuram has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1984.

Descent of the ganges monument

Travel guide : The entrance fee for Indian National is β‚Ή30, for foreign national it’s rupees β‚Ή500😲.

✈️ The nearest airport from Mahabalipuram is Chennai (Madras), located around 60 km away.

πŸš„ The nearest railway station, Chengalpattu, is around 29 km away from Mahabalipuram.

πŸ›£οΈ Mamallapuram is connected by ECR road to Chennai, Kanchipuram and Pondicherry. 


Pescatarian – a person who does not eat meat but does eat fish.