“If you can’t determine right from wrong then you lack empathy not religion.” – Anonymous .


Stop running.

“The day that you stop running

Is the day that you arrive.” – 🎵Enjoy the ride | Morcheeba.

.Silence of nature.

“Silence of nature is very real.

It surrounds you…

You can feel it.” – Ted Trueblood


This mad rush for wealth must cease and the labourer must be assured not only of a living wage but, also a daily task that is not mere drudgery. – Mahatma Gandhi

International day of Non-Violence

“He was right, he knew he was right, we all knew he was right. The man who killed him knew he was right. However long the follies of the violent continue, they but prove that Gandhi was right…’Resist to the very end’, he said, ‘But without violence’….Of violence the world is sick…Oh, India, dare to be worthy of your Gandhi!” – Pearl S Buck.

Happy Gandhi jayanthi, International day of Non-Violence. 🎉 🎊


“It’s nice when someone holds an umbrella for you. But it’ll be nicer to join hands & run under the rain.”

Bee 🐝

‘Aerodynamically the bumblebee 🐝 shouldn’t be able to fly, but the bumblebee doesn’t know it, so it goes flying anyway…’ – Mary Kay Ash.

The road 

Life is a road & its Ur very own.
Sorrow, hate, misery.. will fall instead of rain.
For hope is the sunshine, wait for it.
Did u see love, joy, compassion on Ur road.
Walk along with them, hand in hand.
As far as possible, if not till the end.

Remembering Subramanya Bharati.

Did you think I too will 

Spend my days mundane in search of food, 

Tell petty tales, 

Worry myself with thoughts, 

Hurt others by my selfish acts, 

Turn senile with grey hair 

And end up as fodder to the 

relentless march of time 

As yet another faceless man??? – Subramanya Bharathi .

🏵️Today marks 96th Death anniversary of Indian Poet & freedom fighters Mahakavi Subramanya Bharati 🏵️

Nature is everywhere

71 percent of people in the US live within a 10-minute walk of a city park. And I’m sure the figures are similar in other countries. And that doesn’t even count your back garden, the urban creek, the empty lot. 

Everybody lives near nature. Every kid lives near nature.We’ve just somehow forgotten how to see it. We’ve spent too much time watching David Attenborough documentaries where the nature is really sexy and we’ve forgotten how to see the nature that is literally right outside our door, the nature of the street tree.

we cannot define nature as that which is untouched by humans. This never made any sense anyway, because that which is untouched is unloved. 

– Emma Marris (Environmental writer)